The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Book Review

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or Men Who Hate Women as the name is when translated straight from Swedish, is Stieg Larsson's first novel. It is also the first part of his The Millennium Trilogy. Millennium is quite small magazine that is owned by journalist Mikael "Kalle" Blomkvist and his "occational lover" Erika Berger. Millennium is published in Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden.

In the beginning of the book, Mikael Blomkvist gets sentenced to prison for three months for libeling of well-known Swedish business man Hans-Erik Wennerstrom. Mikael had been accusing Wennerstrom for many kind of white-collar crimes, but in the end all the evidence falls to pieces for some reason. Mikael pledges for revenge since he thinks the sentence was underserved. Soon he seems to get a change for it, when another business-mogul Henrik Vanger approaches him with and interesting and appealing offer. Vanger wants Mikael to solve a mystery that has become an obsession to Henrik Vanger: what happened to his niece Harriet Vanger forty years ago when she just disappeared without a trace. And if Mikael succeeds, Vanger will give him Wennerstrom's head on a plate. Another job for Mikael is to write a book about Vanger-family and its history. Mikael agrees to take the job and spend a year in Vanger-family's hometown, a little town Hedestad. 300 km north from Stockholm.

Dragon Tales - Book Review

Dragon Tales by Mary C. Fairbanks is truly and entertaining book, chock full of twenty-four dragon stories. Perfect for youth from the age of five to fifteen, even adults would be charmed by its pages. The images are unique and interesting, with a style that left me with the impression they were created on a computer.

Caregivers are likely to find the morals to each story helpful to deal with youth problems with social interaction, self-image, overcoming self-absorption, understanding others and more. The author tackles many issues through her lovable, yet egotistical dragons or even through sad and lonely dragons. She shows the importance of freedom and dictates communities working together to solve problems peacefully. The confusion between the way that dragons and humans view each other in this book will aid against racism. Her characters learn to not passively accept what everyone else believes and live by another's prejudices. Instead, Mary has the characters find out for themselves what is the truth. Often, the young characters have to 'think' their way out of a situation or learn to ask the right questions - rather than fighting it or running away from problems.

Fantasy Books Create A Unique World

If every day reality is too mundane for you and you want to escape into a world of make-believe, you need to browse through the list of some of the top fantasy books many of which have been adapted into movies that have raked in millions at the box office around the world. Some leading examples of these being JK Rowling's Harry Potter series that has kept worldwide readers and audiences enthralled for nearly a decade. The Lord of the Rings series penned by J R R Tolkien also falls in the same category, not to forget The Wizard of Oz that can still captivate the attention of young and old.

In fact, science fiction books and horror books as well as their silver screen adaptations also find many takers all across the globe. For instance, who can forget The Dark Tower Series written by Stephen King that can scare the daylights of anyone? That apart, the War of the Worlds written by HG Wells, which was one of the first literary works based on a fictional conflict between humankind and an alien race sparked off an entirely new genre of fantasy literature. Another popular science fiction book that Wells has to his credit is The Time Machine that has inspired many movie adaptations.