The Sunday Salon: Watching The Help

Today I'm sharing with you my thoughts on The Help. I read and absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the book. (I read it in December). At first I was hesitant to watch the movie. Simply because how it could even come close to getting it right? BUT. I really, really, really enjoyed the movie adaptation. I did. It wasn't the book. It couldn't cover as much of the characters' private lives as the book could. I doubt there is a way it naturally could have fit every single little thing into the film version.

The movie was so compelling, so emotional. It was practically perfect in every way. I mean everything that I loved from the book was still in the movie. The book was absolutely great--I felt so very much while reading it. But the movie wowed me just as much if not more. The end in the book was good--really good. But seeing the end of this movie, well, it had me in tears...and then some. And they're the exact same ending. It's not like the movie changed the ending to be manipulative.

I would definitely recommend the book to those that have seen the movie and enjoyed it. I think you'll discover there is more to the story. And I would also recommend the movie to those that have only read it. Don't expect it to be everything the book was--to capture every little detail of the book. But I think you'll be surprised at how good it actually is.

Watch The Help
  • If you want to watch a really, really good drama set during the Civil Rights movement
  • If you are a fan of the book, The Help
  • If you want to watch an oh-so-amazing movie

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