The Sunday Salon: Watching Inception

The movie I'm recommending this week is Inception. I could keep it really simple and just say. Watch this movie. Or I could add a little more to my recommendation. If you like action, watch this movie. If you like drama, watch this movie. If you like suspense, watch this movie. If you like thoughtful, complex plots, watch this movie. If you like science fiction, watch this movie. But is that enough?! It will have to be. Because I'm convinced that you shouldn't know too much about this one! You definitely should avoid spoilers if possible.

Inception is complex, I won't lie. It's one that will take your full attention. But. Once you become hooked, I don't think that will be a problem! Once the story grabs you, you'll be anything but bored. It is so very, very, very intense in places. In just the right way. The characters, the story, the premise. It just works really well.

Have you seen this one? What did you think?

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